Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the origins of your products?
Our product are imported from Korea.

Are your products genuine and authentic?
Our product are authentic and fully imported from Korea as we do not sell counterfeit products. We only sell original products and we offer money back guaranteed for assurance.

Why some of your products do not have stock and need pre order?
The product come with variety of colors, we do not carry all these products and some of the products are sold fast when restock.

Why are pre-order takes longer to delivery?
Supplier have fix the order period date in a month so it affected the shipping time.

When I can received my ordered item?
Usually takes about 1-3 days for shipping depend on your location.

What happen when received my parcel with missing items?
Please check your shipping status if so, some item are not in stock and will be delivery shortly when restock, no additional shipping cost will be charge.

What happen when I ordered ready stock mixed with no stock or pre order item?
We will arrange the shipping for you, no additional shipping cost will be charge.

What happen when item not received by me or undelivered?
Usually courier company will drop a notice in your mailbox when unable to drop the parcel, after few try and nobody claim for 2 weeks, the item will be send back to us.

Do you offer Cash on Delivery?
Currently we only offered cash on delivery in Singapore, because our products are shipped to Singapore before entered into Malaysia.

Why I can not get free shipping even I have more than 2 order inside cart?
Currently we only offer this promotion for peninsular Malaysia customer, east Malaysia customer need to purchase more than rm150 to get the free shipping.

I accidentally added 2 quantities when I check out, can I get the refund?
Yes, please contact us after you completed the order, the total amount will be credited to you for the next order.

I have selected wrong color, can I change after I confirmed the order?
Yes, please inform us before we ships the items out.

I have key in wrong shipping address, can I change after check out?
Yes, please inform us before we ships the items out.

Can I manually deposit to your account for my order?
Yes, please deposit the amount within 12 hours after your order, we will send you confirmation as well.

I can't find the products I wish to buy from your website?
Please contact us, some product require special order and we will help you on this.

Why your products are cheaper than others, are your products fake?
No, we are certain about our product authentic, because we ordered big volume from supplier or manufacturer, we get better discount as well. We have all the invoices of our products are imported.

Why your product require pre-order and longer shipment time?
Our product are imported and ships according to supplier timetable, usually 15-20 days to be imported.

I can't find particular brand and product that I am looking for?
Please send us your request, we will get back to your request as soon as we get the stock update from our supplier.

Do I need to purchase the requested products?
No, you don’t have to buy any products or brands that you has requested, we understand everyone need to be comfortable with the price before making decision.